Procurement Law

To level the economic playing field in Europe, procurement rules apply to the awarding of contracts by public and semi-public authorities, as well as, for example, by the education sector. Our lawyers help both contracting and tendering parties.

Our team is experienced in every conceivable type of procedure, from European tender procedures to development competitions and from complex negotiation procedures to competitive dialogues.


We support contracting public and private parties in organising tender procedures and with advice on issues in the field of procurement law. We provide legal and strategic assistance to tendering parties. We also litigate to contest award decisions or, conversely, to defend award decisions in preliminary relief proceedings.  

More than just real estate

Procurement law is not confined to the real estate sector. Our team also provides advice and litigates in tender procedures for:

  • Works (such as energy, rail and construction)
  • Services (e.g. waste, facilities, healthcare, ICT and parking);
  • Supplies (e.g. school books and office furniture); and
  • Concessions (such as area concessions, public transport concessions under the Wp-2000 and advertising concessions).

Why choose Straatman Koster advocaten?

Our firm has one of the largest procurement law teams in the Netherlands. Our lawyers therefore possess a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our lawyers teach at renowned institutions and publish in leading professional journals and handbooks.

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