Hugo specialises in construction law and procurement law. In addition to litigating in these fields before the civil courts as well as the Board of Arbitration, he also has extensive experience in drafting and reviewing building contracts, consultancy agreements, integrated agreements, construction team agreements and coordination agreements. He acts on behalf of principals as well as contractors.

Hugo completed a master's degree in Dutch law (majoring in private law) with honors at Tilburg University in 2009. After his studies, he joined the Institute for Construction Law as a research associate. There he specialized in civil construction law and procurement law. He was involved in several research projects, which related to, among others, the revision of the UAV 1989 and (the preparation of) the bill Quality Assurance for Construction. He also conducted doctoral research that led to the thesis 'Supervision and coordination in the construction process', on which he received his PhD from TU Delft in 2018. Since 2018 he has been associated with Straatman Koster advocaten, where he was appointed partner in 2023.

Hugo is co-author of a series of publications, including ‘Bouwrecht in kort bestek’ (Construction law in brief), ‘Groene Serie Bijzondere overeenkomsten’ (Green Series, Special agreements) and ‘Groene Serie Onrechtmatige daad’ (Green Series, Wrongful act), a member of the editorial board of the journal ‘Tijdschrift voor Bouwrecht’ and is also a regular contributor to legal journals. He also gives courses and presentations on construction law in particular.