Industry is among the most dynamic of all sectors, largely in response to ever stricter national and European environmental standards. Innovation is essential to comply with these standards. That in turn gives rise to urgency. We can assist you in meeting this challenge.

Our clients are companies in the chemicals, refining, tank storage, geothermal energy and waste processing industries, as well as food manufacturers. We advise them on the environmental law aspects of their industry, including environmental permits, permits to carry out alterations or revisions, best available technologies, surface water and groundwater, emissions, discharges, incidents and unusual occurrences, and enforcement issues. If necessary, we also litigate on their behalf.

In addition, we assist clients from industry in drawing up and negotiating construction and development contracts.

Environmental law and regulatory

Our team includes experienced practitioners in the fields of environmental and planning law and environmental law and we are well versed in coordinating with the competent authorities, such as the Environment Agency. In addition, our substantial experience in sustainable and other large-scale construction and energy projects provides us with a solid base to assist clients from industry on all fronts.


We advise and litigate on a range of matters, including the environmental and planning law related aspects of:

  • Environmental permits;
  • Permits to carry out alterations or revisions;
  • Best available technologies;
  • Surface water and groundwater;
  • Emissions;
  • Discharges;
  • Incidents and unusual occurrences; and
  • Enforcement issues.

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