Renewable energy

Increasing attention is being paid to energy, or the shortage of it, as well renewable/sustainable energy generation and use. And, of course, to steps aimed at improving the sustainability of real estate. This is prevalent not just in the media, but also among politicians. The Urgenda ruling, climate targets, the nitrogen problem and the earthquakes in the Groningen region are examples of the importance surrounding these issues. Against this background, it is reassuring to know that we assist in the realisation of sustainable energy projects and with matters related to energy supply in real estate developments.

Sustainable energy projects centre on geothermal energy, heating/cooling systems for the built environment, solar energy systems, wind turbines, heat distribution networks, gas, CO2 and electricity and waste streams, for example. And by extension, also on how real estate developments are connected to electrical and heating/cooling systems.

Our role

So what exactly do we do? We draft contracts necessary for the development, realization and financing of projects. And we litigate where necessary. In addition, we assist in the application for permits, and in procedures that must be completed to realize renewable energy projects.

Besides having specific experience with sustainable and other types of energy projects, we are also fully versed in environmental and planning law, procurement law and project development. We have a thorough understanding of tenancy issues and real rights, such as rights of superficies and easements, and are also experienced practitioners with regard to the structures of cooperation and contracts, such as cooperatives and limited partnerships, that are specific to this sector. The combination of all these areas of law is essential for providing effective assistance to clients in this sector.

Added to that, we have extensive knowledge of the energy market. As one of the very few parties with in-depth understanding and experience in relation to geothermal energy, heating/cooling systems as well as solar and wind, we can provide a comprehensive package of legal services to support the construction of sustainable neighbourhoods, or the realisation of solar or geothermal energy projects.


We assist clients among other things in:

  • Geothermal energy projects: projects where heat is extracted at a depth, in the Netherlands, of more than 2500 metres.
  • Heating/cooling projects: outsourcing, by developers, of heating/cooling systems to operators of those types of system, and more generally advising on contracts that are essential for the implementation of such systems.
  • Solar energy systems and wind turbines: drawing up all the necessary agreements (e.g. leases, rights of superficies and EPC contracts (Fidic, UAV-GC or otherwise)).

Why choose Straatman Koster advocaten?

The energy world is complex and constantly evolving. Substantial interests are involved and the costs of energy, and of realising projects, are high. Regulations constantly lag behind developments in the market. Our lawyers have an unrivalled understanding of the aspects involved and what matters must be taken into account. We are well acquainted with the political and social arena and how to get projects off the ground, and then advance them to completion, to the satisfaction of all parties. Years of experience working in project teams for sustainable energy projects, including in-house, and a thorough understanding of the relevant laws and regulations make our lawyers your ideal partner!

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