Construction Law

We assist our clients in realising greenfield and brownfield projects. Greenfield projects are developments undertaken on land that has not previously been built upon, whereas brownfield projects involve the redevelopment of land that has previously been built upon. We begin by advising our clients on making the right choice of architect, structural engineer, installation consultant as well as consultants in other fields and then ensure that they enter into the best possible contracts with each party. Next, we draw up a building contract and/or consultancy agreement, and also assist in contract negotiations where necessary.

During execution, we advise on ongoing issues such as more and less work, liability, disruptions and delays. We try to prevent disputes or resolve them quickly and efficiently. We have extensive experience in resolving construction disputes, from contractual disputes to liability issues. In addition, we have extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration. Litigation or arbitration is always possible, but we view it as a last resort. After all, no one benefits from a protracted construction dispute.


We advise clients and litigate on their behalf in matters related to the construction of residential districts, shopping centres, large office buildings, bridges, motorways, university campuses, logistics real estate, data centres, wind and solar farms, waste incineration plants, high-voltage pylons, heat and cold storage systems and healthcare properties. Our clients include public authorities, developers, contractors, advisers as well as investors.

Why choose Straatman Koster advocaten?

Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the market and are experienced in realising real estate developments and dealing with the related administrative and civil law aspects. A particular feature of our construction law team is that it consists of highly experienced lawyers. Our partners are closely involved with every matter for which our firm’s specialists are engaged, guaranteeing the high quality of our services.

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