Construction and real estate

A thorough knowledge of various areas of law, including procurement law, expropriation law and environmental and planning law, as well as contract law, construction law and tenancy law, is essential for the successful development and realisation of construction and real estate projects. Feasibility is also an important factor: will the project generate a sufficient return? How can the project be realised within budget?

These questions call for creative thinking in terms of devising legal structures and solutions. Knowledge of the construction and property markets is crucial, as is expertise in property-related corporate law and taxation.

Comprehensive in-house expertise

We benefit greatly not just from our comprehensive in-house legal expertise, but also our ability to make effective use of that expertise, thanks to our broad experience in the construction and real estate sectors We aim to be more than a legal adviser to clients, acting also as a broad sparring partner and pro-actively assisting them in structuring and finding solutions to achieve feasible projects.


We advise clients on the development, redevelopment and realisation of various projects, including:

  • Office buildings;
  • Shopping centers;
  • Homes and apartment complexes;
  • Stadiums and sports complexes;
  • Residential and non-residential care complexes; and
  • Solar and wind farms.

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