Maaike specialises in area and project development (inner city, extensions, transformation) and has a keen interest in spatial planning issues (urban and regional planning, permits, parking) as well as energy transition/sustainability (Label C offices, nZEB performance standard, energy saving, circularity, natural gas-free). Her clients include developers, investors, municipalities and housing associations.

Maaike studied Dutch law at Maastricht University, combining her degree programme with courses in Tropical Land Use at Wageningen University & Research. After graduating, she worked among other things as a senior lawyer in the real estate practice group at Houthoff Buruma until 2008 and was a Partner at Straatman Koster advocaten until 2013. Following a period working at other law firms, she re-joined Straatman Koster advocaten, becoming a Partner on 1 March 2017.

Maaike is a member of the board of the VVJ Property Lawyers Association ( and a regular annotator for the journal ‘Bouwrecht’. She is also a member of the committee deciding on notices of objection of the Municipality of Maassluis, the Dutch Construction Law Association (VBR), the Dutch Construction Lawyers Association (VBR-A), the Administrative Law Association (VAR) and the Environmental Law Association (VMR). She runs training programmes and courses on a regular basis.