Joost Hoekstra specializes in area and project development, environmental law (including land exploitation) and land acquisition (including expropriation). He works (mainly) for governments, developers, builders and housing corporations. He also regularly acts as a consultant/contract writer in area developments for multiple parties who engage him jointly.

Joost studied Dutch law at the University of Amsterdam and (for one year) Italian law at the Università degli Studi di Siena. After completing his studies, he worked at AKD in Breda from January 2005. He has worked at Straatman Koster advocaten since April 2011 and was appointed partner in January 2012.

He regularly publishes on the topics of his practice in journals including Construction Law, the Journal of Construction Law, Real Estate Law and the Journal of Soil. He is (co-)author of the book 'Juridisch Handboek Transformatie en Renovatie', published in 2019 by Berghauser Pont Publishing. He also regularly acts as a lecturer (Spryg, Berghauser Pont, various professional associations). In March 2017, he was appointed a board member of the Association of Expropriation Lawyers (VOA).